Rob Miller

Founder & CEO
Areas of Expertise
  • Business Systems Automation
  • Systems Integration/Migration
  • Process Optimization
  • Data Privacy and Security
  • Lead-to-Cash Optimization
  • Education
    BSHP, Health Administration, Texas State University

    With over 20 years of experience in large high tech and financial companies, Rob Miller has enjoyed a successful sales career. Whether as an individual contributor, a sales leader, channel manager or strategist – Rob has achieved several honors with some of the world’s most admired companies.

    Throughout all of Rob’s different leadership positions, one thing became clear – many organizations aren’t using their data properly. Furthermore, the systems these companies acquired or created weren’t built to handle the ever-changing needs and demands of the market. When data is disorganized or cluttered, times of success seem to be more accidental than intentional, since it’s difficult to “show your work” through data.

    He then had an idea – what about smaller businesses? Are they able to better adapt than larger corporations? Do they have the resources to clean and organize data, then incorporate modern business systems and automate processes? Is there a way to accomplish these goals while staying in their budget – and without hiring a small army to manage it all?

    Thus Miller Operations was established as a path to small business sustainability and growth. He wants to bring the technology and benefits that large corporations enjoy to small business owners.

    Training and Certifications

    Google My Business (Google)

    Technical SEO (Moz)

    Google Analytics Individual Qualifications

    I strongly believe sound business management must begin with good, clean data, establishing a master data set as your single source of truth. Your business and customer data is sacred, serving as the foundation for everything. Make sure to treat it as such!


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