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Colorado becomes the third US state to pass data privacy law

UPDATE 7/8/2021

Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed this bill into law 7/7/2021.

The law will become effective July 1, 2023. Colorado’s Attorney General is expected to provide additional guidance and rules as well.

UPDATE 6/11/2021

The CPA has passed both state legislative bodies and has been forwarded to the governor for signature.  If passed, Colorado will become the third state to pass such a law, after California and Virginia.

UPDATE 6/4/2021

The Colorado Privacy Act (SB21-190, see below) was unanimously passed by the Colorado Senate on May 26.  It now travels to the Colorado House’s Finance Committee.  Privacy watchers are hopeful a hearing and vote can occur before the legislature adjourns their session on June 12.


SB21-190, which appears to have bi-partisan support, was assigned to the Senate’s Business, Labor and Technology Committee.  Note that Senator Robert Rodriguez (D) chairs this committee and is one of the bill’s co-sponsors.  The other prime sponsor is Republican Senator Paul Lundeen.



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